Spec Timeline
Allion Compliance Update

Bluetooth |Nov.

● Notice: Upcoming Change to Bluetooth SIG Membership Fees on 1 January 2024

Matter |Nov.

● Matter 1.2 Specification released on October

PCI Express |Nov.

● PCI-SIG Developers Conference India 2023

  • November 16 , 2023
  • The Ritz-Carlton, Bengaluru, India

● PCI-SIG Compliance Workshop #127

  • December 4- December 8, 2023
  • Embassy Suites Burlingame, CA

Thunderbolt |Nov.

● Allion Taiwan has been authorized by Intel for Thunderbolt 5 Host certification.

● Thunderbolt 5 host certification policy:

  • 1. Intel will only provide subsidy for 20 ports of each brand, but this limitation is only for TBT5 laptop, for TBT5 desktop, there is no limitation.
  • 2. The same policy as TBT3/4 host, Intel only provides subsidy for Standard Certification Process(SCP) projects.
  • 3. TBT5 Host EV subsidy includes both TBT4 and TBT5 EV

● Allion has been exclusively authorized by Intel for Thunderbolt 5 cable certification.

USB |Nov.

● USB-IF relax the performance requirements for USB Type-C to Legacy USB Cable Assemblies to allow USB 3.1 Gen1 maximum performance on a legacy cable. Define AC3G1-3 and CμB3G1-3, 5Gbps (Gen1) capable legacy cable variants of USB-A to USB-C and USB-C to USB Micro-B respectively.

● Allion Taiwan has been approved to launch the USB4 DP Tunneling LL test.

Wi-Fi |Nov.

● Wi-Fi 7 program start ATL Qualification

  • Program launched date : TBD
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